Beautiful You

Genesis 1:27 God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

I’m starting with this verse because I feel it is so important in our lives.  We all know the story of Creation, but I think we’ve heard it so often, it can lose its effect and seem more like a childhood story.

God created YOU in HIS own image.  That means humans resemble God Himself.  While the Bivle is most likely referring to our inward qualities, God did design our physical traits as well.  How, then, can we be so hard on ourselves in regard to our appearance? He made you! He chose every feature we love and the ones we don’t love so much.

This is such a profound concept.  God designed everything about you.  So when you start to grumble at those crow’s feet, remember the smiles and laughter that brought them about.  When you look at your cellulite in disdain, remember the wonderful meals you’ve shared with friends and family.  And when you step on that dreaded doctor’s office scale, remember, nothing externally defines you.  You, my dear, are a child, a direct creation of God.

You are worth so much more than outward appearance.  So remember that the next time you run to the grocery store without makeup or when you can’t control that frizzy hair, or when last year’s jeans are just a little snug.


Think About It:

  1. What one thing would you change about your appearance if you could?
  2. Now, what would actually change if you did change that feature? Most women would probably say their confidence would improve. But after that feature is ‘fixed’, we would focus on the next imperfection.  How can you help yourself to remember that true beauty comes from within?
  3. Choose a daily mantra for yourself that will help you remember you are God’s creation. (Example: Looking in the mirror with an attitude of gratitude, say, “God, You are so good. Thank You for creating me in Your image.”)

TIPS: Get a girlfriend to do this with you.  Send a text reminder that she is hand crafted by the Creator.  It’ll help you remember that fact for yourself!

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